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During the years I have been fortunate to receive the following awards and prizes.


Awarded the best paper award for the best oral presentation – 5,000 DKK

Annual Meeting in the Danish Society of Spinal Surgery 2021, Kolding, Denmark.

Evaluation of single-dose cefuroxime concentrations in the spinal cord, cerebrospinal fluid, and epidural space in relation to lumbar spine surgery – an experimental porcine study


Awarded the prize for the best poster presentation – 15,000 SEK

69th Annual Meeting in Scandinavian Association of Thoracic Surgery (SATS) / 12th Joint Scandinavian Conference in Cardiothoracic Surgery, Stockholm, Sweden.

Long-term outcome of patients with DSWI following cardiac surgery – preliminary results from the SWEDEHEART registry


Humørlegat – 1.000 DKK

Nøglebroder-Ordenen Christian den Fjerdes Laug, Aalborg, Denmark

Awarded to a student at Aalborg Cathedral School who exhibits extraordinary engagement in the social life and strives to unite and include.

Last updated 29 December 2021