Alexander Emil Kaspersen

Alexander Emil Kaspersen, MD

First-year Resident, Affiliated Researcher

I am first-year Medical Doctor Resident at the Emergency Department at Horsens Regional Hospital and Affiliated Researcher at Department of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery at Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark, where I have been doing clinical and experimental research since 2016.


My research is primarily within prevention, diagnostics, and treatment of cardiac diseases, as well as complications to cardiac procedures. I have a broad experience within scientific disciplines, including clinical studies on human subjects, epidemiological research using large registries, and experimental animal studies primarily within valve repair and replacement.


I have experience in conducting prospective clinical studies involving medical devices, observational register-bases studies, as well as experimental animal studies. My primary interest lies within the field of cardiac procedures, including both minimally invasive and open heart surgery.

Knowledge Hub

I have produced various different products, that I am happy to share. Some of it is in English, some is in Danish.